Continued - Part 5: The Haunt

Here is a picture of my accomplice Tom. He and I create all of the props used for the haunt. It is at his home that the haunt occurs. All this work for 2 to 3 hours of trick or treat. I estimate that 200 visitors came through that night. This estimate doesn't include those that came through more than once.
Here (left) you can see the back of the cabinet which contain the color organ for the lightning effect. Directly above the color organ is a speaker that plays the thunderstorm soundtrack. The thunder causes the lights to flash to simulate the lightning. The blue light below the window simulates nighttime and forces the view in the cabinet.
Above: Here are some pictures of the Baron both in and outside the cabinet. He has hair on one side because that is all that will be viewed in the combiner.

Finally, here is a picture of the Baron and me. I thoroughly enjoyed this project. I found the it to be challenging, informative and a thoroughly rewarding experience.

Thank you for the plans, ideas and enjoyable year of construction,

-Tom Marchak

Now, I ask you - If you got a letter like this, wouldn't it make your year? :-)

-Doug Ferguson

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