Continued - Part 3: The Organ

Here is a top view of the player organ. The operation of the keyboard is very simple using readily available components. The motor is powered by a l2v-power supply that rotates the shaft located directly under the keys. The shaft contains a series of screws that raise the keys to the up position as the shaft rotates.
This shows the pulley and rubber band, which drives the dowel under the keys. The keys are 3/4" square stock that has a hole drilled in the lower rear to allow the threaded rod to pass through. This rod keeps the back portion of the key at the proper height. Several of the keys are tied together and do not move. I found that by having to many keys moving does not look right. I have about 16 keys moving at different intervals.

Above/below: This group of pictures provides closeups of the aforementioned systems.

The pipes were cut from PVC tubing using a hack saw and Dremel tool.
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