Our continuing intention is to offer inexpensive solutions to seemingly complex haunt animation requirements. These new devices cover a multitude of moving prop needs, depending upon how they are employed, and each may be easily modified by the assembler for special uses. Most importantly, both will feature the same dependability the Flying Crank Ghost is famous for. Need we say more? Surely!

The CamDrive Floater is a simple device - an arm is raised and lowered by a cam follower. In its intended use, the 2.5' arm extends through a black backdrop from your scene's backstage area, and is attached to an object to be floated. Like the FCG, it is a 'spirit' efect - but in this case, the ghost is invisible. Imagine, for example, a floating candelabra, or a goblet rising off a table in the hand of an invisible presence.


Multiple cam options will be available, and you can order the movement pattern you desire. This unit uses the same 2Z8XX Dayton motor; and in this instance, the output shaft speeds combined with different cam shapes offer a wide range of movement possibilities.

The motor platform takes up very little space. The unit is adjustable, and capable of floating objects as heavy as 3 pounds or more. It gives a similar effect to an anamatronic activated by a servo drive, but without the big expense.

The Grave Riser is the perfect solution for those wanting a pop-up head (or other object) but not wanting to bother with compressed air systems and their higer maintenance requirements. It uses the repeatedly proven crank on a 2Z8XX motor, and can be placed behind a tombstone, behind a hole in a wall, or wherever you want to toast 'em with a pop-up! Naturally, it won't jump violently like an air driven piece, but it will still have the power to elicit a chill. The Grave Riser may be triggered in several ways (option kits will be available.)

Both of the new kits will be about the same price as our FCG platform kit, and just as easy to assemble. Naturally, you could buy, cut and drill the parts yourself, but after all the work, you'd at best break even on time, so please consider a purchase.

You may be wondering why there are no pictures. That's easy to answer: If I put up pictures, knock-offs would be available before I could finish my testing phase! These two gadgets will be covered by performance copyright, and I would gently discourage the selling of clones. If you must copy my newer ideas, don't blatently copy the mechanisms! Of course, the FCG is still public domain, as promised - but heck, I have to make a living like everyone else. :-) Yes, pictures will be available when the price list goes up, and if you're clever, you can copy the designs for your own personal use if you must (we still love ya, ya know!)