Phantasmechanics Presents

The new Mini-FCG

Model PKF-M Price $160.00 (includes shipping)

Fully assembled - just hang the motor and marionette!

She's about 1/3 life size (if you can say that about a specter) but has all the attention-getting power of the original FCG. Perfect for apartment windows or houses with smaller windows. She's also perfect for that special dark corner in your walkthrough attraction or dark ride. Remember the first time you saw a certain chilling little lady spook in a world famous haunt? The FCG-Mini is just that fascinating, but a little larger - and she moves!

We do all the work for you. The motor platform comes assembled, as shown below, as does the marionette. The ghost is hand-made, and each one is a little different in terms of face and hair (as with the regular FCG, you can add some 'style' to the hair to suit your taste.) And, like the big gals, they work with great effect in groups of two or three. If you have - for instance - two dormer windows, you can... use your imagination!

We fully expect this to become our 'i-pod', so order early!
Send check or money order (sorry, no credit cards until further notice) payable to:

Doug Ferguson - 8009 Branch Hollow Trail - Ft. Worth, TX 76123
PLEASE include your phone number and e-mail address with your order so we can reach you!

Questions or custom marionette requirements? (817) 361-0024

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