Prices as of 6/1/06

We are pleased to offer parts kits to help you easily achieve haunted effects on a budget, saving you the time and effort involved in locating parts, cutting, and machining. Our line currently includes FCG Motor Platform kits, and our CamDrive Floater (CDF) kit - both with and without motors.

The PKM-1 FCG motor platform kit may be assembled exactly as described in our instruction article, minus ghost marionette. The PK-1 omits the Dayton 2Z8-- series motor. The PKF-1 is the completely assembled ghost marionette and motor platform, ready to fly! (We will add to the ghost marionette your choice of strobing LED eyes or 'talking eyes' that can flash to a soundtrack.)

The CDF-1 kit will float an object of your choice up to 2.5 pounds from backstage, requiring only a narrow opening in the wall of your set. It is also available without the motor (it accepts the 2Z806 or slower 2Z805) as the CD-1 The cam is adjustable to three positions, and can be mirror reversed for 6 optional float patterns. [See images below. Unit does not include candelabra. The CDF must be screwed to a base to mount it, and any secure surface will do (the wooden base shown is for example only, and is not included with the kit. Click here for more details.]

We're sory, but due to the delay in our business startup, we can't yet charge your purchase on Visa, but we're working on that problem. We do ship upon receipt of your check, however, unless we are out of kits. (Typically, we replinish our stock within a week of running out.)

Doug Ferguson - Phantasmechanics - 8009 Branch Hollow Tr. - Ft. Worth, TX 76123
817-361- 0024 (for complex questions or free shop talk!)

Please make checks or money orders payable to: Doug Ferguson.

Original Kit and Price List

Prices now include shipping

PK-1 Motor Platform Kit, minus gearmotor. Includes the complete platform, drilled to accept any 2Z8 series motor. This includes lines, crank, and pulleys - everything but the motor, power cord and marionette.
PKM-1 Motor Platform Kit, plus Dayton gearmotor. Includes everything but the marionette. Unless you specify otherwise, you will receive a 2Z806 Motor, the recommended unit. Power cord and mounting hardware is included.
CW-1 Counterweight kit for the PKM-1 and PK-1 above. Allows the use of a heavier ghost, and the weight can also be another rising and falling prop.
PKF-1 Complete Flying Crank Ghost, marionette built to your specifcations, motor speed at your option. Does not include blacklight fixture, but does include blued (UV-glow) fabric at your option.
CD-1 CamDrive Floater kit minus motor and cord.
CDF-1 CamDrive Floater kit with motor speed of your choice (2Z806 recommended.) Call if you wish to discuss your application!

Dayton 2Z8 Series Gearmotor FCG output shaft speeds:

2Z804 = 1 RPM
2Z805 = 2RPM
2Z806 = 6 RPM (recommended)
2Z807 = 12 RPM

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.
If you order a motor, we'll let you know if
there will be a delay due to local stock inadequacy, so
please include your e-mail or a phone number!

You may email us ([email protected]) or for faster response, call (817) 361-0024 with questions or requests for custom versions. We'll call you back if you leave a message or include your phone number, and discuss your requirements and shipping costs with you before the transaction. Again, we'll be happy to customize any item to your specifications. In doubt? Ask!

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