FCG Builders guild image scrapbook, Page 3

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Last year, Halloween 2000, my wife discovered the FCG plans by Doug Ferguson and decided this was something I could build.

Not having a lot of money or time I used things I had around the house or could purchase cheaply. The effect was very spooky but I was not satisfied.

This year I improved the crank shaft, bought a proper FLOURESCENT black light (incandescent bulbs DO NOT WORK), enclosed the ghost in a box to block out other light sources and did some flourescent painting.

I also recorded a spooky ghost sound on a loop tape and put a speaker in front of the house behind some bushes.

-Howard Bayne ([email protected])
Courtice, Ontario, Canada

Another image to add to the FCG builders scrapbook.
I used glow-in-the-dark eyeballs and vampire fangs. I also used expanding foam to make the hands more 3D.

web site:

-Chris Olsen

Your site helped me become the talk of the neighborhood. Here is the "traditional" FCG as seen from the street into the garage where she haunts every year.

-Dave Steele ([email protected])

I completed a flying crank ghost for this years Halloween thanks to your wonderful plans. It is a terrific effect and one that will be the highlight of our yard haunt this year and many more to come. Your new marionette instructions are very helpful. The whole thing is a terrific design. We have named our ghost "Eleanor".

Thanks so much!

-David Llewellyn ([email protected]) Salt Lake City, Utah

I re-did my FCG, and I was wondering if you would put it onto the FCG guild page. Her name is Horrortencia. My FCG's Animation comes from a simple ocillating fan and now can mimic the movement of the FCG. I think this version is safer for those who have no mechanical experience (like me). The light in the corner is a blacklight.

Brandon Champlin ([email protected])

Here [is an image] of my first attempt at a FCG. It was hung next to the front porch kind of hidden by some hedges so you did not see it until you came upon it. It got lots of complements. Your site is an inspiration for all lovers of halloween! Thanks for taking the time to share you creativity and passion with the rest of us. Thanks again!

-David Peers ([email protected])


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