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Rick Tatum of Mooresville, North Carolina writes: "Here is a photo of our version of the Flying Crank Ghost. The biggest difference in our ghost, Victoria, from the others is that ours has nothing above it to give the illusion away. The mechanism is mounted off to the side in a tree, with fishing line going across the open yard to the house. The ghost is attached to the line with drops in the center of the run."

You can visit him at

Bob Pony of San Jose, California sent us this ghostly tidbit, and the images below it:

"Here are a couple of pictures of the FCG I built last year. It was the hit of the neighborhood - cars were stopping in the middle of the street to watch it! It went up in my daughter's room, and at first she wasn't too sure about giving up her room to the "ghost" (sleeping in there with it was out of the question - too spooky). But after seeing it work she's anxious to have it back up in her room this Halloween.

I used black shoelaces for the lines (the round kind that are used for boots and hiking shoes). They were the perfect length. I used some black weed-block cloth thumb tacked to the ceiling to provide a nice, dark backdrop for the ghost. The hands are made from great stuff foam.

It was awesome! My website is

Ken McGuire sent us another image: "Here is my web page devoted to Maria [his ghost] ( I mounted her on a PVC frame inside a window of our house. She looked really spooky."

Yes, we would tend to agree. And wouldn't it be neat if she could open and close those mini-blinds? Hint, hint... :-)

Haunted Summitview Drive is a neighborhood haunt, and their FCG is a Scream. ;-) Have a look at the rest of their Halloween page at:


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