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FCG Builders guild image scrapbook!

Here you'll find out what other FCG builders have been up to, and perhaps get some ideas that will help you with your own creation. If you have an image or images that ought to be here (or if you sent us some a while ago and they are missing here) please drop me the images by e-mail, and they'll soon have a home in this haunt!


Jamie Caruvana ([email protected]) sent us his interpretation of the classic FCG with glowing eyes. Truly hauning, especially considering how difficult it is to photograph under blacklight. As with all FCG's, the only way to fairly judge the effect is to see it live, and moving.

Dean ([email protected]) built this skeletal-headed FCG which terrorized visitors to his home haunt, and he intends to add two more this year. Also, see his new website: www.eerieindustries.com. One wonders if anyone would have ventured to reach the door on Halloween night...
David Alma wrote, "Attached is a picture of my FCG from a previous party. I hung it at the top of my stairs to block the second floor. Last year I had it hanging in my garage and this year I am building a facade for the garage to be a Mausoleum. The FCG remains one of the easiest yet most effective props."

Visit Dave at Lothars Lair (http://www.lotharslair.com) or e-malil [email protected].

Webmistress of sometrails.com offers us her documented FCG building details. She used our PKM-1 as the basis, and opted to make a personalized ghost. You can see more images of her work on this ghost at:
and a final pic at

She adds, "Thanks for the invention!"

Candi, another new guild member, wrote: " I just finished building my FCG. Here's a picture. It was difficult to stop watching my ghost long enough to send this message. All I can say is wow & thanks for the idea & plans :-)"

What's neat here is that the magic of blacklight comes through well, though UV props are typically hard to photograph. Look what she did with the eyes, too!

Have a look at this! Gore Galore (Kevin R. Alvey, AKA Mr. Gore) is now manufacturing a wonderful skeleton-based FCG marionette (shown at left) which weighs about 5 pounds, and will work with the original PKM-1 using the counterweight system (included in our kit if you ask for it.) Visit his site at http://www.gore-galore.com to see what else he's been up to. The spectre can be addressed directly at: http://goregalore.hypermart.net/Ultimatespectre.htm.
Above and left: Kim Hooper sent us these images of his FCG marionette and motor platform. Note the use of the counterweight system, added to handle the added weight of the somewhat massive marionette. For more info, visit http://www.members.home.net/xfile/index.htm.
Above: Bill Pierce wrote, "I want to thank you and curse you for all your incredible work that you have given to the haunting community. I found your site through the Howl list and I've not been the same since. I have included some pictures of my FCG Lenore which is built using a system with the motor and arm at ground level and a single 1 1/4" PVC that also routes the fishing line up to the \|/ shaped top that hold the head and the hands."

This is the first known instance of an FCG rig that places the motor platform below the ghost marionette - a neat idea for a ground-standing prop! If you want further details on emulating this design, write to Bill at [email protected].


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