Tim Harkleroad's
The Complete Haunted House Book

Okay, I admit it - Tim's a good friend. I met him when he came to perform at Louisiana Magic Weekend (Spring 1997.) He's a talented ventriloquist and magician, in addition to being a lifelong Halloween junkie. Currently, he's a regular entertainer on the ships of Carnival Cruise Lines, and I can tell you that he's got one of the funniest 'vent' acts I've ever seen!

As I mentioned before, Tim's book is the proper successor to Morris Costumes' How to Operate A Financially Successful Haunted House. In its 215 pages, it delves into details of the subjects that the former volume only touches. Tim provides his own illustrations for each topic, and they make the subject matter come to life. All of the material in the book has been tested in practice, and there is something here that every commercial or private haunt can benefit from. Included are chapters on finding and arranging a haunt building (including portable designs,) makeup and costumes, magic-style illusions, scenics, special mechanical effects, outdoor haunts and promotion ideas. Topics like telemarketing and fire safety - very current and significant - receive the serious treatment they deserve. Whether you're doing your first haunt, or have been at it for several years, this is a modestly-priced volume that will repay its cost many times over.

Tim also offers a Spooky Fonts Disk (in PC and Mac versions) that contains Halloween fonts of his own creation, useful in creating PR layouts for your haunt. Be sure to ask for this when you order the book. (If your supplier doesn't have it, contact Tim directly at the address to be found back on the links page.)

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